Kia Picanto : Paint enhancement

We have been valeting this customers car for a little while, ever since the discovered how much damage the local cheap car washes were doing to their car, however after a minor accident resulting in some insurance work being carried out they asked us to give the car a mini enhancement detail as there where some buffer trails in the paint work from the body shop repairs.

As is the normal case, the car was given a full pre wash, which included the wheels, tyres and arches. Then we performed a full decon wash, made sure all tar was removed, along with a fallout bath and a full body work clay to remove the obligatory body shop over spray. Once moved inside and taped up the car was inspected further and we could take note of where the paint needed enhancing.


After inspection we settled on a full polish with Scholl concepts S20 black on a Scholl Blue spider pad. This allowed us to have a little cut and also refinement at the same time, so we could lift and enhance the full colour of the car. Once we had finished polishing the cars body work we gave it a full IPA wipe down to ensure all polishing oils were removed.
Following that we gave the car a coat of SiRAMIK SC-15 coating, to enhance and protect the work we had done. We then cleaned all the glass and dressed the tyres and arches before moving on to the interior of the car for a mini valet.

Once the glass had been fully cleaned and the interior given a mini valet, we dressed the tyres and arches before giving the car back to the customer.

The interior was fully hoovered and despite only being valeted a few weeks before had all the trim cleaned down with HDD Versatile, before being dressed with KKD Trim X.

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