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Audi R8 : Inspecting the car before commencing work

This stunning Amazing Audi R8 V10 came to us at the start of this week, with the customer looking to have the paint work lifted and then protected. Having done previous work for them, we discussed the various options available and they settled on our Signature paint enhancement with SiRamik package.

Once the car arrived at the unit we gave it a full visual inspection and then proceed to fully clean the car.

Firstly the car was rinsed and pre washed using High Definition Detail Road Rage. Once this was rinsed off we foamed the entire car and cleaned all the badges, grills shut lines etc before being fully rinsed After that we began a full three bucket wash, starting with the wheels, using High Definition Detail Brake Through wheel shampoo and

Audi R8 : snow foam time

then the bodywork was washed down with Angelwax Limited Lumiosity shampoo.

After the car had been fully washed we checked and removed tar deposits, gave it a spray of HDD Ferrus Ferric, fallout remover, rinsed the car and then clayed the body work fully, before givng it a second wash ( With fresh shampoo ) to ensure it was as clean as possible. To aid drying we used SiRamik SC Drying aid and our super plush microfibre drying towels.

Audi R8 : Wheels off, taped up and ready

Once the car was dry, we moved it into the unit, taped off the roof, trim rubbers and lights etc, before removing the wheels so they could be fully cleaned and coated as part of the package.

Once the preperation work had been completed and we had taken paint readings we began the polishing stage. We settled on Angelwax LimitedRessurection on a Scholl Blue spider pad. This was followed by CarProReflect on a gloss pad.

When we had fully enhanced the paintwork, we gave the car a full wipe down with IPA before applying two coats of SiRamik Glasscoat coating. We then coated the wheels using SiRamik Wheels, dressed the tyres and refitted the wheels ( Torquing them up to the correct setting ).

SiRamik Glasscoat

We then moved on to the interior which was full hoovered before having the interior leather cleaned with Angelwax Limited Heaven for leather and then coated with SiRamik ICL.

Finally we cleaned and polished the glass before applying High Definition Detail Hydrology to seal the glass.

The result of all this? The car is now looking sublime with the mettalic flake popping out with a beautiful deep wet gloss look

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