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The car on day one after being dropped off by the customer.

The new owner of this fantastic Kia Niro contacted us explaining they had just bought the car as an ex demonstrator however it was not in the best of condition considering its age. We popped along to the customers house to view the vehicle and to explain the options open to them. Once the customer had decided what they wanted doing, we arranged a date for the car to be dropped off at the unit. 

When the vehicle arrived at the unit, it was given another inspection before a full prewash. Once that had been completed, we got to work on the wheels, arches and tyres and then proceeded to give the vehicle a snow foam bath. While the foam was dwelling on the paint work we cleaned all the badges, shut lines, grills etc before rinsing and giving the car its first two bucket wash.

After the first wash and rinse, we walked round the car removing any tar spots we could find, before claying the paintwork to remove further bonded contaminants. We followed that by washing the car a second time and rinsing fully before using SC Drying aid to help with the drying process. The car was towel dried before being moved inside and dried off with the Air Blaster, to ensure there was no water trapped in the mirrors, shut line, grills etc. 


Poor was technique resulting in swirl ,arks on the car.

Once the car had been fully dried off we tapped off all the window rubbers, trim and lights etc and then took several paint depth readings to give us a general idea on how much paint we had to work with

We tried a few different polish and pad combinations, before we settled on a Scholl Concepts White Spider pad and Angle wax Resurrection. Despite the car only being a few months old the constant poor washing the dealership had inflicted on it was clear to see.

As can be seen from the picture after the first pass there was a clear difference and the cars true colour, including the metallic flake, was starting to show through. Once the entire car had been cut with the Resurrection, we passed over it with Car Pro Reflect to add some much needed gloss and definition to the paint work

As the end of the second day was drawing to a close we decided to leave the coating till the morning, as this would leave us sufficient time to be able to do a full IPA/Eraser wipe down on the vehicle before coating.

When we arrived the following day, the first job was to wipe the entire body work down with Car Pro Eraser, to ensure all polishing oils had been removed and so the SiRAMIK would bond fully.

fter the wipe down was complete, the first of two layers of SiRAMIK SC15 were applied. The coating was applied to each panel, given the correct time to flash and then buffed to a glorious shine.

After the required time, we applied the second layer, which, again, was given time to flash before being buffed.

Once we had completed the bodywork work, we finished off by dressing the wheels with Angle Wax Elixir dressing, dressing the wheel arches correctly then cleaning and polishing all the glass.


As a final stage we dressed the exteior trim with Black WOW trim dressing which is amazing at restoring trim, then seal all the glass with HDD Hydrology.

Kia Niro : Bonnet after full correction and coating

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My ex demo Kia Niro’s paintwork left a lot to be desired on close examination, so I decided to take the plunge and have it corrected. Jon had lots of positive comments posted, so I gave him a call. He came and had a look at the car that afternoon and we arranged a date for the car to go to Barnsley. Took the car in and Jon ran me home. He kept me updated (with photos) over the next two days and picked me up for collection on the third. As the video shows, stunning results.Excellent job Jon, have no hesitation in recommending your services. Thank you!

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