Paint Enhancement detail: 

What is a paint enhancement detail? Put simply, this is where the cars bodywork is cleansed and lightly polished, to remove minor imperfections in the cars paint surface. In layman’s terms the aim is to lift or ” enhance ” the general appearance of the car. This is achieved using cleansing polishes that contain very fine / mild abrasives, These act to very mildly polish the surface, but unlike a paint correction detail, we are aiming to get the vehicle’s bodywork as clean and as smooth as possible ready for the protective finishing layer such as a wax or sealant.


In both the paint Enhancement detail and the Paint Correction detail we will use a machine polisher to actually remove a very fine amount of the cars old faded and damaged clear coat. and polish past the swirls, marring or other defects, that rob the paint of its depth and gloss. This is a skilled process and takes time to perfect. Not working the polish long enough will leave buffer trails and hazy, cloudy paint as well as not actually removing the original paint defects. Working the polish for too long can lead to the paint overheating, getting too thin and in some extreme cases, burning through to the basecoat ( ie the colour coat or in some circumstances the primer ).


ATD Detailing however have a proven track record on a variety of different paint types and finishes that we do have the skills required to leave a perfect finish, first time every time.

All prices quote on the ATD Detailing website are based on a small car, such as Alfa Romeo Mito, Kia Picanto etc.

If you would like to arrange a valet please contact us to discuss you requirements.

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  • Service Type: Paint Enhancement
  • Purpose of service To cleanse and enhance the vehicles appearance
  • Duration 1 - 3 days
  • Cost From £200