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The owner of this stunning VW Sirocco GT contacted us via our Facebook page, enquiring about all the various package options available for his pride and joy. After explaining all the various options available, he opted for the Platinum package and booked a day for the work to be carried out.

VW Sirocco Before valeting

We arrived and inspected the car before starting the valet. This consisted of a full pre wash to loosen the main contaminants on the car. Once this had been done the wheels where fully cleaned with HDD Brake Through wheel shampoo and Anglewax Bilberry wheel cleaner. When then moved on to the bodywork which was first snow foamed and then received a 2 bucket wash of the body work. We then removed all the tar spots that were on the car before giving it a second wash to make sure all tar remover and dirt was off the car.

VW Sirocco : After full valet

Once the car had been towel dried, we gave the car a full hand polish with .50 Cal Fortress before topping that off with Fusso coat Sealant wax. We then dressed the tyres with Angelwax Elixir , the arches and exterior trim were correctly dressed and then we moved on to the interior.
The interior was treated to a full hoover, had the seats cleaned with Mothers leather cleaner before the trim was cleaned with Valet Pro Citrus and dressed with Angel Wax AnGel.


If you would like your car to be fully valeted or are interested in any of our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements. We have a wide range of packages to suit everyone.

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