Mammoth Purple Canary Extra Soft


Mammoth Microfibre – Purple Canary – Extra Soft Cloth

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Mammoth Microfibre – Purple Canary – Extra Soft Cloth

As buffing cloths come these are amongst the best there are, we highly recommend them for the final buff after a full polish, they are also highly suited to applying QD Sprays.

The Purple Canary is the twin brother to the Yellow Furry Canary Cloth and is equally as awesome. Manufactured from a plush and super-furry microfibre, it is firm yet incredibly soft.

A microfibre cloth with a ridiculously soft pile weave, the Purple Canary is ideal as an all purpose towel that can be used inside and outside the car for polishing, buffing, wipe downs, quick detailing etc.

Mammoth Microfibre Cloths are reusale and machine washable. There are no labels on to ensure they will not scratch.

Size: 40mm x 40cm

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